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Mosquito Control of Iowa has been doing mosquito control for cities in Iowa for over 40 years.  We started spraying in the late 1960s as Bode Spraying Service.  The company started out in ag spraying and was asked to spray home county road ditches that expanded to spraying over 4000 miles a year in several counties in northern Iowa.   In the late 1970s we started to do mosquito control for cities in Iowa.  The need for mosquito control was growing during that time and the road ditch spraying was fading for counties as the state was giving grants to counties for the living roadway trust.  We focused on the mosquito control side and renamed company to Mosquito Control of Iowa.  We now deal with over 150 towns in Iowa and also cities in Minnesota and South Dakota.  We have maintained over 98% renewal in contracts with the cities over the years.  The mosquito control market has reached saturation for our work areas.  We have been looking at getting back in to the vegetation management for the past few years. 


Please read the attached Jefferson Herald news paper article from 1983 writing in one the counties that we were doing road ditch spraying. Back then we were the first company that had computerized control system on a ditch spraying truck.  The equipment that we are building for the reentry back in to the vegetation management market will be of the highest standards to achieve the best control and safest application of the chemicals.


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